Monday, March 14, 2011

New senior thesis

With a big push from a professor this semester I change my thesis from a story book about my dog to a wine company. I started off with so many directions for my labels, I did not want to do traditional labels I wanted to have fun, enjoy this stressful time with colorful, quirky images. They wrap around incorporating the entire bottle. My wine company turned into Appalachian Herbal Wines. I have five kinds; Wheat, Corn, Elderberry, Dandelion and Mushroom. All real wines made except for the mushroom but there are plenty of drinks made from fermented mushrooms, so I did it. I tired to give it a down home feel, like something you would make for fun.

Mushroom label (almost done)
circle area is where the label info will be placed

Wheat Label (almost done)
this one will be cut into four pieces to fit the square bottle it will be on.

Update on Children's book

First image for the book. Having so much fun with this process, I wish I had tried this way before. I have 30 more pages to fill up with these lushus, inky images.
Colors are so much richer in person, scanner just washed it all out.