Thursday, June 16, 2011


This weeks Illustration Friday entry, Swept. The mouse was swept from the house. I would never do that I would probably try and catch it in my hands and then take it outside.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My crazy dream last night

I had a crazy dream last night. It started off by me going down to Hell in an elevator, two elevators to be correct because one elevator wasn't long enough. I received my powers to become a witch there and then I was set off to collect other witches around the world. My dream fast forwards to some huge church where this girl was being confirmed or something religious, before the end of the ceremony I stand up and walked to the center of the church from the back. I was on fire but it was purple fire so I was okay and I began chanting some spell at the girl. After I was done chanting I ran at the girl grabbed her and threw her in the air and we flew to the roof and everyone ran out of the church. We flew off. We flew for awhile, until we found an empty house or so I thought. The house was fine until the owner came home, we argued about put an invisibility spell on. She said it wouldnt work because if they bumped into us he could tell we were there. But I did it anyway so we could collect our belongings. As we climbed out a window to leave I turned into a cat and could not fly anymore. I think I was left at the house as a cat and the other girl flew away. I think she turned me into a cat.

Then I woke up.